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Proven safety leaders. Powerful safety solutions.

Today’s highly specialized industrial environments are filled with unique types of hazards and safety challenges. To protect people, equipment and operations in these spaces, it takes the very best in specialized safety solutions – and that’s exactly what Spectrum Safety Solutions delivers every day.

Uniting Iconic Safety Brands

At Spectrum Safety Solutions, we bring together the world’s leading brands in fire, flame and gas detection and suppression. Autronica. Det-Tronics. Fireye. Marioff. These iconic brands lead their respective markets and set the standards for fire, flame and gas detection and suppression across a range of environments and applications.

Autronica, Det-Tronics, Fireye and Marioff lead their respective markets

For customers, that means access to a complete range of advanced solutions that are designed for high-hazard, mission-critical environments, all backed by ongoing lifecycle solutions and services. Plus, these solutions are delivered by experts who understand the requirements of safeguarding challenging environments from energy infrastructure to marine vessels and data centers, and who are passionate about partnering with customers to solve their problems

Global Leader in Safety

For decades, our brands have led the way in specialized solutions for high-hazard industrial applications. Now, as part of Spectrum Safety Solutions, we’ll continue to push the standards for safety to all-new levels, together.

Headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut (USA), Spectrum Safety Solutions is a global leader in fire, flame, and gas detection and suppression, through iconic brands Autronica, Det-Tronics, Fireye and Marioff. We provide customers with a complete portfolio of advanced lifecycle solutions and services designed to meet the unique challenges of protecting people, equipment and operations in high-hazard, mission-critical industrial environments across the globe. Spectrum has approximately 1400 employees in more than 20 countries serving critical infrastructure, marine, energy, and other industrial markets globally.